2017.08.24 17:06

DATA Page Guidelines



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YOTAPATI's Data page has three drop down menus.
International members can upload the posts in English only on I-INFO Page under INFO/VIDEO.
By using the 'search' tool you can easily find the data you want.
Do not feel burdened to upload the posts!
YOTAPATI will be filled with your participation.



 1) HQ/Preview


 This page is data storage of images such as HQ and previews.

 As shown below, the best display will be provided on PC.



 2) Info/Video


 Here you can post every data except HQ and previews.

 We have "I-INFO" site menu that updates any information in English.

 We will provide translated information in order to deliver the data that are related to JIMIN for the fans all around the world.


 3) Twitter


 You can now check every JIMIN's update on @BTS_TWT at a glance!

 Every tweet since their debut till now is arranged in the webzine layout for you.




 *Things to note when uploading the data


 1) Please clarify the original source of the data


 2) Please write Date of the event + Name of the event in KOREAN when uploading the data except I-INFO Page, which is run in English. It will make it easier to search!

 eg) 150224 성신여대 or 161126 색칠공부 브이앱 


 3) Uploading images of JIMIN with the other members and artists are allowed. But, commenting on the other people, but not JIMIN is forbidden.


 4) Recommend to collect all previews, HQs, gifs into one post per schedule

 Previews with previews, HQs with HQs, please collect them in each posts respectively.

 It is to prevent spamming the pages when the multiple pictures are uploaded at once.

 Editing the posts with new pictures by writer or commenting to add the pictures by other members are all allowed.

 (Please check for duplicate images before uploading)

 It is allowed to create a post if you want to show the new picture. But please watch out for spamming.


 5) One thumbnail image should be attached when uploading on HQ/Previews pages with gallery layout

 Images with Imgur links are not shown in the thumbnail.

 Thus, if you are to upload 10 pictures, 1 picture needs to be attached as a thumbnail, and the rest of 9 pictures can be uploaded with Imgur.


 *Please restrain from uploading too much images as attached files. It causes server to be overloaded.

 The less we spend as server fees, the more we can spend to support JIMIN!